Friday, August 18, 2006

Decision making

Love our collective decision making abilites. Daz can't decide on a bird so ends up with none..... Dok can't work out when to be nice so will never have a bird...... Frank Dongowitz can't decide if he is a jew or not!!!

Best part about decision making...Steevie G books 2 weeks off work.....we're a go for a trip to Brazil in December. Frankie complains.....Daz compromises by convincing DC and the boys decide to go away over Crimbo!!! Steevie G ends up booking a 2 weeks with his bird in a fit of pointyness......

Moral of story....ask Daz to go on holiday once about 4 of us have decided where to go and booked!!! ha ha ha ah ah ah!!!!! Tiiimmmaaaayyy!!!!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I'll break your face

Great words by a great woman called Niamh. Dok will know who she is and loves her. I'd like to use this as my first blog!